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Island Tribe 4

Island Tribe 4   Description : The islanders had to undergo many trials. But thanks to the magic altar, they returned home safely. They defeated the powerful sorcerer and became a friend with him. But, when the sorcerer told them his story, it became clear that things were not that simple. It turned out that he used to be an ordinary pirate, marooned by his friends on a desert island. Left all alone, that pirate become angry and frustrated. One day, he heard a strange rustling noise behind him. He turned and was surprised to see a ruined altar with a mysterious mask lying on top of it. Some irresistible force made the pirate pick up the mask. As soon as he touched it, it consumed his soul and turned him into an evil sorcerer. After he told his story, the unfortunate pirate mage pleaded for help. The islanders decided to help him get rid of his curse and went to look for the altar which could return the pirate to his former self. So your journey to find and repair all the altars begins! Join the brave islander as they travel through time to help the people of Ancient Egypt, Scandinavia and China!
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Game genre :  Arcade / Time Management Game
Requirement : Window XP+, Download Size : 250 MB
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