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World War 2 Tail Gunner

World War 2 Tail Gunner   Description : World War 2 Tail Gunner is an incredible 3D shooter set in the sky during the world war 2 era. You will take the role of gunner on the mighty B17 Flying Fortress or He-111. Your mission is to shoot down all the enemy fighters that are trying to bring your bomber down. The enemy planes will appear from all sides and assault your bomber. It's your duty to switch around all available gun position in the bomber (there are six for B-17 and five for He-111) and try to shoot these bastards down before there do it to your plane. Are you ready to engage the enemy in tense aerial battle in 60 exciting missions (30 for each side)?
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Game genre :  WW 2 Shooter
Requirement : Window XP+, Download Size : 65 MB
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