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The Microbie Story

The Microbie Story   Description : The story takes place in professor lab. There were mostly good microbies, those like in yoghurt. But sometimes there were dangerous viruses. One summer, when the professor was on vacation, one of the these viruses, Barbadoom managed to escape from the test-tube. It took just two hours for this evil virus to infect all the test tubes in the lab, except one. That was Gloias test tube, a very useful and beneficial microbe, which were breeded by the professor just before his vacation. Gloria decides to save her friends at any cost! Use your logic skill to help a brave microbe, Gloria, free the Professor's lab from evil Barbadoom in the Microbie Story, an original and challenging Puzzle game!
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Game genre :  Logic Puzzle Game
Requirement : Windows XP/Vista/8, Download Size : 25MB
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