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Valcarta I: Rise Of The Demon

Valcarta I: Rise Of The Demon   Description : Valcarta is a magical world suspended high above the clouds out of reach of you or I... And on this island-like world are many things far greater then anything our world has seen. Magic and Monsters rule over these lands, not machines or money. Valcarta is a strange place indeed, will you dare to take a peek? ​ Valcarta I: Rise of the Demon, takes place on this magical world, within a province called Drachell. You will play as a young man named Valak, a villager from Orm. On a special day, where he is called upon by the mayor, Valak finds himself thrown into adventure by receiving a mysterious power by a witch! Little does he know, he is now on his way to sealing the fate of Valcarta and all on it forever.
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Game genre :  RPG / Role Playing Game
Requirement : Window XP+, Download Size : 38 MB
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