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The Tale Of ALLTYNEX   Description : The Tale of ALLTYNEX is a trilogy of arcade shooting games, created for the PC (Windows) by Japanese indie developer SITER SKAIN. All three games are legends in shmup / shooting game communities, both in Japan and overseas. We are currently working with SITER SKAIN to bring the complete trilogy to gamers worldwide in English for the first time from June 6th. Western gamers will finally be able to fully enjoy the unique mechanics, carefully crafted play experiences, focus on destructive fun, dramatic presentation and engaging score attack gameplay which have made the ALLTYNEX games renowned in Japan. Sci-fi fans will also enjoy the backdrop to the action, which is a millennium-spanning saga which encompasses global civil war, an ages old alien threat and humanity in need of salvation as it teeters on the edge of extinction. The three games that make up the chapters of the ALLTYNEX trilogy are: ALLTYNEX Second, RefleX & KAMUI
Game genre :  Japanese Indie Shooting Game
Requirement : Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
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