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Aveyond 4 : Gates Of Night  Aveyond 4 : Gates Of Night - Help Mel, a common street thief, get back an orb of great power from the vicious vampire, Gyendal. Steal back the relic and prevent an evil and dark prophecy from occuring!
Science Girls  Science Girls - The school is under attack and only the Science Club, using their superpowers, can save the day!
A.I.M 2  A.I.M 2 - Is the sequel to the epic science fiction first-person action RPG developed by SkyRiver Studios.
Disciples 2 : Rise Of The Elves  Disciples 2 : Rise Of The Elves - For the first time, Disciples fans will be able to play as the elder Elven race as they struggle to reclaim their forests.
Styrateg  Styrateg - New challenging turn-based strategy with strong RPG features from a fantasy medieval world!
BorderZone  BorderZone - BorderZone is a role-playing action with a complex non-linear storyline.
Dark Souls 2  Dark Souls 2 - Ever since we can remember the land is haunted by strange creatures, Anomalies, wild monsters that will attack and destroy everything in their way.
Heroes Of Might And Magic 2  Heroes Of Might And Magic 2 - Be prepared to fight to the bitter end, for the road to glory is paved with the bones of those who came before you.
Space Trader  Space Trader - From the depths of Red Tape, a new breed of marketeer arises to challenge the authority and make a profit: the Space Trader is born!
Hacker Evolution : Untold  Hacker Evolution : Untold - When the number of computers in existence and their processing capacity exceeds that of all mankind, a point of technological singularity is encountered.
Deadly Sin  Deadly Sin - Take on the role of Lorelai, a young woman of humble means who learns that her true identity is the heir to a powerful empire!
Space Hack  Space Hack - A sci-fi Action/RPG title with Diablo-inspired gameplay mechanics, presented in real-time 3D graphics.
DROD RPG Tendy  DROD RPG Tendy's Tale - Combining the puzzling elements of DROD with the RPG fare of player stats, one-on-one monster duels, and loads of treasure for the taking.
Eternal Eden  Eternal Eden - A high quality old-school JRPG, featuring a strong cast of characters, an original storyline, and intuitive game play
Eschalon Book 1  Eschalon Book 1 - Immerse yourself in massive outdoor environments and traverse dozens of sprawling dungeons as you seek to uncover the mystery of who you are!
Depths Of Peril  Depths Of Peril - Depths of Peril is a single player action role-playing game (rpg) with strong strategy elements. You play as a faction leader protecting the barbarian city, Jorvik, by destroying threatening monsters and completing quests.
Sacred Plus  Sacred Plus - Live the adventurer's life in this character-based, fantasy roleplaying game.
The Chosen Well Of Souls  The Chosen Well Of Souls - The chosen well of souls - Choose your hero and journey forth in the ultimate action role-playing quest that pits you against an army of demons and devils like no other.
Spandex Force  Spandex Force - Create your own superhero and prepare for battle as you clean up the crime-infested town of Vigilance Valley in this exciting puzzle RPG!
Deus Ex : Invisible War  Deus Ex : Invisible War - Approximately 20 years after the events depicted in Deus Ex, The World is only beginning to recover from a catastrophic worldwide depression.
Aveyond  Aveyond - Follow the adventures of Rhen, a young girl who is drawn to an exotic land where she is forced into slavery. When it is discovered that she can use sword magic.
Dungeon Scroll  Dungeon Scroll - Fight your way through dungeons of creatures by using word spells as your weapon.
Avernum 5  Avernum 5 - Conquer the underworld in this epic role-playing adventure! Encounter fascinating characters, go on deadly missions and discover amazing treasures!
Millennium 3 Cry Wolf   Millennium 3 Cry Wolf - The latest installment of the award-winning RPG series, featuring 40 exciting quests, interesting storyline and up to 20-30 hours of addicting RPG gameplay!
Arvenum IV  Arvenum IV - Experience an epic fantasy role-playing adventure in an enormous underworld, with a variety of dungeons, hundreds of quests, and a great story!



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