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Jewel Quest The Sleepless Star  Jewel Quest The Sleepless Star - Experience the deepest adventure-romance story of any Jewel Quest game to date!
Cursed House  Cursed House - Banish the evil spirit from the house using your wonderful match 3 skill in this fun puzzle game.
Fishdom Seasons Under The Sea  Fishdom Seasons Under The Sea - Enjoy upgrading your virtual aquariums with amazing accessories and take good care of a great variety of tropical fishes in Fishdom: Seasons under the sea.
Coffee Rush 2  Coffee Rush 2 - It's up to you to challenge the evil smokestack Coffee Co by opening up a new coffee shop with hopes that it will bring back great coffee taste to the city in this fun matching game.
Heroes Of Kalevala  Heroes Of Kalevala - Build your own village now and see how it begins to prosper and thrive in this unique casual game.
Caribbean Riddle  Caribbean Riddle - Indugle yourself in a virtual island vacation, and enjoy playing this captivating matching game.
Apple Pie  Apple Pie - Frazzled by the sudden decision of your jet-setting aunt, you must manage her restaurant and keep her Apple Pie shop afloat.
Little Soldiers  Little Soldiers - Little Soldiers is a mind bending, strategic-puzzle game that places you and your compatriots on a range of challenging, classified military missions.
Pixie  Pixie - Have you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a fairy and change the world into a happy place?
Dreamwoods  Dreamwoods - It's late one night and Emmy wakes up to the voice of a Fairy asking her for help.
Aztlan Dream  Aztlan Dream - In this fantastic game you have to use powerful spells from five unique magic realms to conquer the terrain and defeat enemy wizards.
The Lost Kingdom Prophecy  The Lost Kingdom Prophecy - Help Serena save the Kingdom of Rosefal and keep the dreaded Prophecy from happening in The Lost Kingdom Prophecy
Treasure Island 2  Treasure Island 2 - Join Scarlett as she travels to the stunning island of Madagascar to help the workers on a reservation save their animals!
Tropical Fish Shop  Tropical Fish Shop - Save a tropical fish shop! Dive into Annabel's Adventure in this fun Match 3 game.
Trio The Great Settlement  Trio The Great Settlement - Free the colorful and cute Orbics from their underground prisons, and build them a brand spanking new settlement!
Aqualux  Aqualux - Go with a whole new flow with Aqualux, a mind-bending puzzle experience from Milkman Games.
Enigma 7  Enigma 7 - Highlight tiles under the artifacts to reveal clues. Can you match four or five tiles in a row and max out the power meter in Enigma 7?
Oriental Dreams  Oriental Dreams - A challenge as old as the Orient rises up before you. Will you accept this test of your mind and spirit or turn and run?
World Mosaic 3  World Mosaic 3 - After restoring Atlantis, you discover a magical book that sends you on a journey through literature in World Mosaics 3 – Fairy Tales!
Deep Blue Sea 2  Deep Blue Sea 2 - The highly anticipated match-3 sequel, Fishdom 2, is here! Swap colorful tiles and earn money to create the aquarium of your dreams.
Quantz  Quantz - Explore exciting worlds in Quantz, a unique and mesmerizing Match 3 game!
Fishdom Harvest Splash  Fishdom Harvest Splash - Create your harvest Fishdom! Progress through challenging match-3 levels, and get cash to set up your harvest feast tank.
Fishdom 2 Premium  Fishdom 2 Premium - The highly anticipated match-3 sequel, Fishdom 2, is here! Swap colorful tiles and earn money to create the aquarium of your dreams.
Little Space Duo  Little Space Duo - Little Space Duo is a classic, puzzle-based arcade game starring an unusual pair of heroes - a little girl and a small robot.
TumbleJumble  TumbleJumble - TumbleJumble is a fantastic new physics-based puzzle game from Utopian Games.
World Riddles Animals  World Riddles Animals - You will travel all over the world. All the seven continents - North and South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia and Antarctica - are waiting for you!
Inner Quest  Inner Quest - Inner Quest is packed full of happy emotions and good feelings. It exists specifically to make your day.
Pizza Chef 2  Pizza Chef 2 - Keep the clientele happy as you go from a small pizza café, to a chain of upscale restaurants in the big city! Work as quickly as you can in Pizza Chef 2 and create the perfect pizza!
Atlantis Adventure  Atlantis Adventure - Experience a magical under the sea world as you help bring the once powerful empire back to life in Hidden Wonders of the Depths 3 – Atlantis Adventure!
Hedgehogs In Space  Hedgehogs In Space - Rocket through outerspace with Hedgehogs in Space, a wacky Match 3 game for players of all ages!
A Dwarf  A Dwarf's Story - Use your Match 3 skills to collect lumber, gems and gold to help the dwarves reach the surface in time!
Land Of Aladdin  Land Of Aladdin - Revisit the story of Aladdin as he finds a magical lamp that makes his dreams a reality! Insidious traps, wild magic, and a cast of colorful characters await our heroes.



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