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The Missing: Island Of Lost Ships  The Missing: Island Of Lost Ships - Search for your missing friend, Robert and find a way out from the mysterious island.
Spirits Of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur  Spirits Of Mystery: The Dark Minotaur - Travel to the mystical world to learn more about the dark Minotaur and save your magical animals and friends.
Break The Curse: The Crimson Gems  Break The Curse: The Crimson Gems - Travel to the world of magic to break the curse and save Harry and his beautiful wife!
Lake House: Children Of Silence  Lake House: Children Of Silence - Travel to the gloomy lake house with your lover and solve a dark mystery that begins with an old photograph.
Big City Adventure: Paris  Big City Adventure: Paris - Join your family as they explore the beautiful city of Paris in the Big City Adventure way.
Reality Show Fatal Shot  Reality Show Fatal Shot - Solve mystery and uncover the truth behind a shocking murder in the horrifying reality show.
The Torment Of Whitewall  The Torment Of Whitewall - Uncover the dark secret of the Night Stalker in this thrilling hidden object adventure game!
Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose  Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose - Travel to the magical kingdom and find out the truth about the beast who enslaved Bella.
The Lonely Hearts Murders  The Lonely Hearts Murders - Help Owen Wright find his missing daughter and bring the lonely heart killer to justice.
Golden Trails 3: The Guardian  Golden Trails 3: The Guardian's Creed - Are you ready to find out the secrets of the Templar Order?
Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper  Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper - Travel to the mysterious kingdom and help the prince track down the woman who stole his heart.
Weird Park: Scary Tales  Weird Park: Scary Tales - Can you rescue the children trapped in a scary netherworld and bring them back alive?
Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper  Dark Mysteries: The Soul Keeper - Follow Ward and stop the revenant murderer before it's too late in this thrilling hidden object adventure game.
Phantasmat: Crucible Peak  Phantasmat: Crucible Peak - Your dream vacation turns into a nightmare, now you have to find your way out and uncover a secret under the snow.
Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood  Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood - Can you track down the maniac before it's too late? The fate is in your hand!
Christmas Stories: Nutcracker  Christmas Stories: Nutcracker - Help the Nutcracker defeat the evil rat king and save princess Mary in this incredible hidden object puzzle game.
The Beast Of Lycan Isle  The Beast Of Lycan Isle - Help Luna use her own animal instinct to defeat the wolf king in this spooky HOAG.
Entwined  Entwined - Help Karla, a detective find the real culprit behind the murder in this exciting hidden object adventure game.
Alexander The Great  Alexander The Great - Find all the enchanted artifacts and save the world from destruction.
Isla Dorada  Isla Dorada - Isla Dorada is a exciting hidden object puzzle game with fantastic gameplay and incredible storyline.
Death Upon An Austrian Sonata  Death Upon An Austrian Sonata - Can you follow the ghost's trail before it's too late? Play this amazing hidden object adventure game to find out!
The Gift  The Gift - Can you help Sarah bring the killer to justice in this thrilling hidden object adventure game?
Curse Of The Black Water   Curse Of The Black Water - Can you prevent the world from falling into a curse of eternal darkness?
Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love  Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love - Join Thumbelina as she journeys across the fantastic Kingdom of the Floral Elves in this charming hidden object adventure game!
The Lodgers Of House 13  The Lodgers Of House 13 - Save the world and escape the house of 13 unharmed in this epic adventure!
Botanica: Into The Unknown  Botanica: Into The Unknown - Defeat the Cunning Queen of Kassandra and make your way back safely in this adventurous game.
Cursed Wedding  Cursed Wedding - Can you stop the ancient werewolf just in time and save your friend?
Web Of Deceit: Black Widow  Web Of Deceit: Black Widow - Track down the evil Black Widow, defeat her minions and halt her deceitful plot for more revenge!
Mayan Prophecies: Ship Of Spirits   Mayan Prophecies: Ship Of Spirits - Explore the ancient Spanish Galleon and discover the Mayan prophecies in this amazing hidden object adventure game.
The Red Riding Hood Sisters  The Red Riding Hood Sisters - Dive into a fantasy world and help the fabled detective defeat the Queen of Wolf
The Skyward Castle  The Skyward Castle - Help beautiful Princess Sophia lift the curse that plagues her magical kingdom!
The Blacksmith  The Blacksmith's Daughter - Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime and preserve the legacy of civilization!



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