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Airport Mania 2 Wild Trips  Airport Mania 2 Wild Trips - Return to the skies and visit incredible destinations in this amazing sequel where you guide colorful planes through landings, take-offs, and everything in-between.
Terrafarmers  Terrafarmers - Use advanced farming technology to revive a barren celestial wilderness in this unique casual game!
Club Paradise  Club Paradise - Make your picky customer`s vacation the most enjoyable and the most relaxing they`ve ever had in this fun arcade game.
Soap Opera Dash  Soap Opera Dash - Film the best soap opera as you keep all actors delighted in this amazing time management game!
Fisher  Fisher's Family Farm - Farm fish from all around the world and help keep Fisher's family farm in the business in this exciting arcade game.
Cake Mania To The Max  Cake Mania To The Max - Help design the centerpiece cake for her upcoming prom in this exciting time management game.
Dancing Craze  Dancing Craze - Help Maria get her dance studio hopping and teach clients a range of slick moves in this fun time management game with new twist.
Supermarket Mania 2  Supermarket Mania 2 - Repeat Nikki's initial success and create the best grocery store in this exciting time management game.
Time To Hurry: Nicole  Time To Hurry: Nicole's Story - Nicole is to find a career of her dream in corporate world and climb up the ladder to become successful in this wonderful time management game.
Jane  Jane's Hotel Mania - Manage your own hotel efficiently and keep your famous customers satisfied with your service in this fun time management game.
Tasty Planet Back For Seconds  Tasty Planet Back For Seconds - Control a tiny little ball of grey goo to munch your way through Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops in this exciting action game. 2 player Co-op mode is also available.
Youda Farmer 2  Youda Farmer 2 - Grow amazing crops, collect woods and stone to rebuild your farm, and stop the big boss once and for all in incredible time management game !
Heart Medicine  Heart Medicine - Upgrade the clinic with better infrastructures, Treat patients by playing fun mini-games, and make friends with different characters in this unique time management game.
Bee Garden The Lost Queen  Bee Garden The Lost Queen - Help the little bees grow lots of flowers, make honey and find their beloved missing queen in this fun time management game.
Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing  Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing - Build production facilities, buys raw material, sells goods across the world and even fend off intruding grizzly bear in Farm Frenzy : Gone Fishing.
Paradise Beach 2 Around The World  Paradise Beach 2 Around The World - You have decided to push yourself further by taking part in the management and construction of the world no 1 beach resort in fun management game.
Cooking Dash Thrills & Spills  Cooking Dash Thrills & Spills - Can you keep your composure and help Flo and Dinerteens do a great summer job in this fast-paced time management game?
Farmers Market  Farmers Market - Build a successful farm-fresh marketplace in this amazing farm management game today.
Blooming Daisies  Blooming Daisies - Start designing your own park today! Blooming Daisies is a game of park management suitable for casual gamers.
Amelia Cafe Summer Time  Amelia Cafe Summer Time - Help Amelie turn a ramshackle hut into the classiest joint on the island as she caters to a variety of guests, keeps her cooks busy and racks up big money.
My Kingdom For The Princess 2  My Kingdom For The Princess 2 - The adventures of Arthur and Princess Helen continue in this long awaited sequel to the addictive strategy, time management, simulation game.
Mystic Mine  Mystic Mine - The action gets crazy in this family-friendly mode as you bump into other cars to steal their loot! Don't miss this instant arcade classic!
Wedding Dash 4 Ever  Wedding Dash 4 Ever - Prepare for another busy wedding season with Quinn! Quinn’s mom unexpectedly arrives in town to help plan her daughter’s wedding.
Gwen The Magic Nanny  Gwen The Magic Nanny - After being awarded the title of Our Town's Best Nanny, Gwen suddenly finds herself at the top of everyone's nanny list in wondrous Fantasy Town.
Lisa  Lisa's Fleet Flight - Fly to the most luxurious cities in the world as you help Lisa and Tom rake in the cash and purchase awesome upgrades in Lisa’s Fleet Flight.
Cake Mania Lights, Camera Action!  Cake Mania Lights, Camera Action! - Return to Jill Evans’ hometown of Bakersfield in Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action, a fun and exciting Time Management game!
The Fifth Gate  The Fifth Gate - Plants are growing, pests are coming, potions need to be made, and it’s your job to help Eden tackle them all before time runs out! Can you bring the gardens back to life and free Eden?
Burger Bustle  Burger Bustle - Dive into some tasty fun in Burger Bustle, a fun and exciting Time Management game!
Sally  Sally's Studio - Keep everyone motivated using your fantastic Time Management skills and keep your studio profitable!
My Kingdom For The Princess  My Kingdom For The Princess - It's up to you, brave knight, to restore the land and escort Princess Helen back to the king in this addictive time management game.
Ashton Family Resort  Ashton Family Resort - Relax in the cozy atmosphere of the Ashtons Family Resort!
Airport Mania  Airport Mania - Take over the control tower and try your own hand at running an airport in Airport Mania, an exciting trip through the skies!



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