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The Book Of Desires  The Book Of Desires - Use your wisdom to help Ashley solve puzzles and escape the scary reality!
Return To Titanic  Return To Titanic - Solve mind bending puzzles in Hidden Mysteries: Return to Titanic, a captivating hidden object adventure game.
The Surprising Adventures Of Munchausen  The Surprising Adventures Of Munchausen - Join Munchausen in his amazing adventure to rescue the kingdom!
Song Of The Phoenix  Song Of The Phoenix - Experience the peaceful reunion between Dragon and Phoenix Kingdoms in this captivating hidden object adventure game.
Vampire Saga 3: Break Out  Vampire Saga 3: Break Out - Sink your teeth into the jugular of a heart-stopping journey through the town of Hell Lock in the third chapter of vampire Saga series.
The Palm Of Zoroaster  The Palm Of Zoroaster - Help Kate Reed explore the mysterious land of eerie beauty and find a mythical artifacts that can break the curse of the evil gem.
Shiver: Poltergeist  Shiver: Poltergeist - Help Ricardo discover the terrifying history of the incredible manor he inherited from his parents.
Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills  Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills - An exciting adventures awaits you in a mysterious world of Celtic Lore.
Behind The Reflection 2  Behind The Reflection 2 - Help a young mother rescues her son and defeat the evil in this incredible hidden object game.
Ice Rose  Ice Rose - Help Novelist Edward Grand solve the intriguing mystery of the city of Rosemount in this wonderful hidden object game.
Small Town Terrors: Livingston  Small Town Terrors: Livingston - Travel to the chaotic town in Livingston and find your missing family in this thrilling hidden object adventure game.
The Pianist  The Pianist - Confront the secretive ancient organization and rescue your sister before her voice is silenced eternally.
Dark Strokes  Dark Strokes - Confront the Faceless Ones, solve hidden object puzzles and unravel the supernatural mystery in this thrilling hidden object game.
Film Fatale  Film Fatale - Find your mother, Rita Ray before it's too late in this exciting hidden object game.
Depths Of Betrayal  Depths Of Betrayal - Find the truth and stop the destructive robot in this terrifying hidden object adventure game.
Black Isle  Black Isle - Find the missing journalist and unravel the sinister secret in this exciting hidden object game.
Natural Threat  Natural Threat - Use your wisdom to rescue your friends from a mysterious island in Natural Threat, a terrifying hidden object adventure game.
House Of Brass  House Of Brass - Will you survive the dangerous malfunctioning clockwork and escape to the real world?
The Scruffs 2  The Scruffs 2 - Can you successful find the lost Regalia and help your family in The Scruffs 2: Return of the Duke?
Three Musketeers Secret  Three Musketeers Secret - Solve challenging puzzles and save the lives of the queen and D'Artagnan.
Shadow Of La Rochelle  Shadow Of La Rochelle - Are you ready to live through an amazing tale in Shadow of la Rochelle?
Guardian Dragons  Guardian Dragons - Dive into the fantasy novel of Falko Loffler's in this incredible hidden object adventure game.
The Cats Of Ulthar  The Cats Of Ulthar - Can you rescue Menes from his gizzly fate in this thrilling hidden object adventure game?
Mystery Of Another World  Mystery Of Another World - Use your puzzle skill and hidden object talents to rescue your son, Bobby before it's too late!
Black Heart  Black Heart - Use your seek and hide skill to stop the evil Vansig family and save Christine and Viggo now!
Tales Of The Dragon Mountain  Tales Of The Dragon Mountain - confront the Strix, the spirit of the dark side and crack mind-bending puzzles in this exhilirating hidden object puzzle game.
Spring Of Shadows  Spring Of Shadows - Embark on an exciting adventure to rescue a girl named Fiona before it's too late in the magical realm.
The Charleston Curse  The Charleston Curse - Banish the curse of the Charleston and prevent a family from being completely destroyed in this thrilling seek and hide adventure game.
Phantasmal Light  Phantasmal Light - Can you help Jane escape the dangerous island and reunite with Mike in Phantasmal Light?
The Legend Of Four Elements  The Legend Of Four Elements - Can you save the planet by restoring the balance of elements in this incredible hidden object adventure game?
Maestro: Notes Of Life  Maestro: Notes Of Life - Solve mind bending puzzles and put an end to the deadly music.
White Haven Mysteries  White Haven Mysteries - Explore beautiful hidden object scenes and solve tricky puzzles to escape to safety in White Haven Mysteries!



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