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Grim Tales The Legacy  Grim Tales The Legacy - Use your hidden object skills to rescue your sister`s family and save the estate in this thrilling hidden object game.
Thief Of Souls  Thief Of Souls - Can you save the mysterious world and yourself in this stunning hidden object adventure game?
Bane Of The Family  Bane Of The Family - Unravel the deadly curse and save the family in this spooky hidden object game.
Brink Of Consciousness  Brink Of Consciousness - Can you stop the psycho and Anna before it's too late in this incredible HOG?
House Of 1000 Doors  House Of 1000 Doors - Can you finally solve the mysteries once and for all in the House Of 1000 Doors?
Haunted Past  Haunted Past - Help Sara put the soul of Emily to rest in this spooky hidden object game.
Secrets Of Arcelia Island  Secrets Of Arcelia Island - Defeat the evil witch that's behind the curse and find you father in this fantastical hidden object game.
Temple Of Life  Temple Of Life - Track down the element of water and stop the destruction of the world in Temple Of Life now before it's too late!
Sunnyvale Story  Sunnyvale Story - Take on new challenge and solve the dark mystery in Sunnyvale Story.
9 The Dark Side  9 The Dark Side - Can you fulfill your destiny in this amazing hidden object adventure game?
Mountain Of Madness  Mountain Of Madness - Find out why the entire expedition perishes at the mountain range in this thrilling hidden object game.
Rise Of The Snow Queen  Rise Of The Snow Queen - Stop the evil snow queen from destroying the world in the mythical snowfall kingdom.
Elementary My Dear Majesty  Elementary My Dear Majesty - Elementary My Dear Majesty is the world's first 3D hidden object adventure game set in a stunning 3D world.
Shattered Minds Masquerade  Shattered Minds Masquerade - Stop the evil visage and Boudreaux family from ruining the Mardi Gras party in New Orleans before it's too late.
Escape From Ravenhearst  Escape From Ravenhearst - Escape From Ravenhearst is the most suspenseful and thrilling hidden object adventure game ever created.
Azada In Libro  Azada In Libro - Save the three different magical worlds and defeat the evil magician in this wonderful hidden object adventure game.
Queen Of Death  Queen Of Death - Save your sister and defeat the Queen of death in this haunting hidden object game.
The Stanwick Legacy  The Stanwick Legacy - Help Emma explore the Stanwick Manor and discover her grandfather's secret.
Hallowed Legends Templar  Hallowed Legends Templar - Unravel the mystery of the Knights Of Templar and save the small town!
Bluebeard Castle  Bluebeard Castle - Rescue your sister from the evil madman and escape the notorious Bluebeard Castle.
Red Crow Mysteries  Red Crow Mysteries - Defeat the terrible evil and save humanity in this unique hidden object game.
The Crimson Thief  The Crimson Thief - Help Mortimer find all the stolen artifacts and bring the thief to justice.
A Dana Knightstone Novel  A Dana Knightstone Novel - Join Dana as she travel across Italy to unravel a mystery set in the 19th century.
The Ancient Spectres  The Ancient Spectres - Defeat the evil witch and save the Esther's family in this beautiful hidden object game.
The Secrets Of Grey Mist Lake  The Secrets Of Grey Mist Lake - Can you save the day and uncover the shocking secret of Grey Mist Lake?
Weird Park  Weird Park - Solve mind bending puzzles and track down the murderer in Weird Park!
Resurrection New Mexico  Resurrection New Mexico - Help Amy Solve hidden object puzzles, meet her daughter and escape New Mexico.
Mystery At Shady Pines  Mystery At Shady Pines - Stop the psychotic doctor before it's too late and escape the terrifying Shady Pines.
Jane Lucky  Jane Lucky - Help Jane Lucky solve the greatest mystery of an ancient artifact!
Campfire Legends The Last Act  Campfire Legends The Last Act - Help Reggie save Ashley in the mysterious mansion in this thrilling hidden object game?
Witchville  Witchville - Find out what really happened in Witchville and solve the mystery.
The Secret Of Agony  The Secret Of Agony - Search the secret of agony and free yourself from the cabin in this fun HOG.



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