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Deep Voyage  Deep Voyage - Win the Royal Garden Design Competition in the Underwater Kingdom. Complete exciting levels, solve puzzles and make your sea garden perfect!
Heroes Of Hellas  Heroes Of Hellas - Visually stunning, easy to learn and challenging to master, Heroes of Hellas offers an unforgettable adventure through a magical time!
Bipo : Mystery Of The Red Panda  Bipo : Mystery Of The Red Panda - Discover mysterious objects and unmask a cloaked bandit that's on the loose!
Little Farm  Little Farm - Have a down-home good time using your puzzle-solving and matching skills to help The Normans adjust to farm life and grow truck-loads of vegetables!
Burger Rush  Burger Rush - Aspiring chef Heidi is convinced burgers can be fine cuisine too - and she's out to prove it! Join Heidi on her quest to create the perfect burger!
Season Match  Season Match - Season Match takes you through a magical kingdom, where you'll meet three beautiful Princesses of the Seasons and one wicked Winter Queen!
Ziro  Ziro - Ziro needs your help to stop global warming, and find his place as a Snowman Earth guardian!
Magic Tale  Magic Tale - Give cherished fables like Snow White and Thumbelina a new home in Magic Tale, a color-matching game with as much charm as the stories it tells!
Out Of Your Mind  Out Of Your Mind - Ready for some mental flossing? It's the cure for all upset minds! Heal your patients by capturing Nega-Tics in this totally unique experience!
Rainbow Mystery  Rainbow Mystery - Help Lily bring life and color into a Rainbow world, tainted by evil!
Eets  Eets - Play through beautiful, whimsical worlds in this award-winning strategic puzzler!
Jump Jump Jelly Reactor  Jump Jump Jelly Reactor - Help the Jellies stop the vile Rockons and save Jellytown! Face this challenge, and many more, in the addictive Jump Jump Jelly Reactor!
Lost In Reefs  Lost In Reefs - Engage in the creation and exploration of an ancient and forgotten undersea civilization..
Deep Blue Sea  Deep Blue Sea - Uncover the mystery of the aquatic people of Avalonia! Dive into the Deep Blue Sea for treasure, adventure and fun in an underwater world!
Treasure Of The Ancient Cavern  Treasure Of The Ancient Cavern - Take a journey across the equator and follow in the footsteps of the Incas to discover ancient artifacts and learn the magic of this great civilization!
Elias The Mighty  Elias The Mighty - Visit every continent, while working on specific quests to earn jewels and artifacts, searching for the fabled Golden Jewel Board!
Super Stamp  Super Stamp - Have fun collecting a wide variety of stamps by matching shapes in Super Stamp.
Fairy Jewels  Fairy Jewels - Enjoy wonderful puzzle action combined with a fantastic journey through a magical fairy adventure! It's an intriguing challenge for the entire family!
Etch A Sketch  Etch A Sketch - Full of creative art tools, unique games and hilarious characters, Etch A Sketch is innovative fun for the whole family!
Magic Match The Genie  Magic Match The Genie's Journey - Magic Match returns! Take a journey with Merlin and Giggles through Arcania in this magical and mesmerizing new puzzle adventure!
The Lost Treasures Of Alexandria  The Lost Treasures Of Alexandria - Welcome once again to the wonderful world of the Rainbow Kingdom where you'll discover a rainbow mix of puzzle and mystery!
Sky Bubbles  Sky Bubbles - Wage war against an evil sorcerer in this stunning 3D puzzler as you match-3 to free the souls that he has trapped in his magical bubbles!
Zen Fashion  Zen Fashion - Match flowers, collect beautiful traditional fashions, and unlock mystical Zen Fashion powers in this whirlwind puzzle adventure!
DNA  DNA - Tired of matching three? Try chaining ten! DNA is the puzzle game evolved!
Bumble Tales  Bumble Tales - Help the Bumbles of the small city of Springleton collect valuable resources and discover the lives of these adorable and tiny creatures!
Mariposa  Mariposa - Discover an enchanting getaway of puzzling pleasure with Mariposa!
Amulet Of Tricolor  Amulet Of Tricolor - Use the Amulet of Tricolor to restore the Stones of Elements! Link colorful gems to free the fairies and bring prosperity back to Magic Valley!
Magic Match  Magic Match - Can you become Master of Magic? Explore six mystical realms in the Lands of the Arcane with Giggles your helper imp by your side.
Jurassic Realm  Jurassic Realm - Explore a prehistoric land in this blockbusting dinosaur-age puzzle with more than 150 fossil filled levels, volatile power-ups and more!
Monarch  Monarch - Help the Butterfly King rescue his friends from the clutches of a mysterious wizard as you journey across majestic Celtic ruins in this match-game of enchantment!
Big Kahuna Reef 2  Big Kahuna Reef 2 - Go Hawaiian all over again with Big Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Reaction!
Azkend  Azkend - The relic your archaeological team uncovered is more powerful than originally thought.



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