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Fears From Childhood  Fears From Childhood - Help the children face the fear and return home safely in this terrifying hidden object game.
The Regal Scepter  The Regal Scepter - Explore the mysterious of hill of Cherai and find the amazing ancient artifact.
Oddly Enough  Oddly Enough - Rescue the missing children from the evil rat catcher in a bizarre and wonderful world.
Reincarnations Back To Reality  Reincarnations Back To Reality - Can you restore the karmic balance in this fun hidden object adventure game?
The Premature Burial  The Premature Burial - Use your seek and hide skill to help detective Dupin solve the mysterious death of Victorine.
The Beach Cottage  The Beach Cottage - Experience the sweetness and pureness of your first love in this romantic hidden object game.
The Summoning  The Summoning - Be your own detective and find proof that you did not commit the murder cases in this fun HOG.
The Ghosts Of Maple Creek  The Ghosts Of Maple Creek - Face the evils of Maple creek and solve the mystery to find the kidnapped teenage girl.
The Maze  The Maze - Use your hidden object skill to explore beautiful hidden scenes and find the missing people.
Lockwood Manor  Lockwood Manor - Explore the myterious Lockwood Manor to find the truth and save your best friend!
Foreign Dreams  Foreign Dreams - Help this woman rescue his best friend, Victor from his tormenting past in this fun hidden object adventure game.
Beauty And The Beast  Beauty And The Beast - Save the charming princess ensnared by wicked spell cast by evil enchantress.
Voodoo Chronicles  Voodoo Chronicles - Solve the case of the mysterious attack and save the city in this fun adventure game.
The Forbidden City  The Forbidden City - Explore the forbidden city of China and search for the hidden treasure!
The Bronze Horseman  The Bronze Horseman - Search for the town mayor's missing son and help the small town solve a mystery in this thrilling hidden object game.
The Bride  The Bride - Explore an abandoned family mansion and find the truth of your's sister mysterious disappearance!
Lost Souls  Lost Souls - Explore gorgeous hidden object scenes for hidden clues about the missing Bella's son.
Doctor Who 3  Doctor Who 3 - Tackle all the challenges and save the good Doctor in Doctor Who Episode 3.
The Goblin Kingdom  The Goblin Kingdom - Overcome the dark forces and rescue the kingdom in this amazing hidden object game.
Sonya  Sonya - Help Sonya rescue her beloved sister and defeat the mysterious villains in this beautiful seek and hide game.
The Uncharted Islands  The Uncharted Islands - Find the ruthless pirate that holds a dark secret and solve the mysteries in the Uncharted Islands!
Children  Children's Plight - Rescue the children and defeat the evil warlock as you find your way out of the cemetery.
Nightmare At Sea  Nightmare At Sea - Free the trapped soul and defeat Davy Jones in this fun hidden object adventure game.
Grim Tales The Bride  Grim Tales The Bride - Dive into your sister's memories to solve the mystery of her disappearance in this enchanting hidden object game.
The Missing  The Missing - A group of college student has gone missing in an island, find them and uncover a dark mystery!
The Secret Of Hildegards  The Secret Of Hildegards - Help Abigail Hildegard find her father and stop an evil plan of Uncle Talbot to open the hell gate!
Sacra Terra Angelic Night  Sacra Terra Angelic Night - Employ your hidden object kill to defeat each demon and save the world!
Macabre Mysteries  Macabre Mysteries - Discover a dark mystery in the beautiful world of Nightingale Theater.
Roxanne  Roxanne's Necklace - Solve the millenium mystery of Roxanne's Necklace in this exciting hidden object adventure game.
Paranormal Crime Investigations  Paranormal Crime Investigations - Investigate them and stop the ancient cult and solve the murder cases.
Ancient Astronauts  Ancient Astronauts - Find the missing explorers and discover the truth about extraterrestrial visitors.
The Lost Talisman  The Lost Talisman - Protect Banderville College and find the lost talisman in this intriguing hidden object game.



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