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Clayside  Clayside - Solve puzzles and break tiles in this spectacular action puzzle! Progress through the city of Clayside to build the house of your dreams!
Zenerchi  Zenerchi - Encounter your inner chi, one color match at a time, with Zenerchi!
Night Of The Scarecrows  Night Of The Scarecrows - Use pitchforks, torches and animal allies to defend your village and prevent the scarecrows from reaching the village gates in this fun matching game.
Super Collapse 3  Super Collapse 3 - Super collapse 3 is back again - and you wonít believe the fun!
Jewel Quest 2  Jewel Quest 2 - The ultimate jewel matching adventure returns! Turn relics into gold to advance through elaborate puzzles and unveil the treasures of Africa!
Lucky  Lucky's Rainbow - Join Lucky the Leprechaun and Paddy the Cat on a whirlwind tour of some of Ireland's most popular tourist spots and attractions!
Magicville  Magicville - Use your Match 3 skills as you journey across extraordinary lands and release Fogmere from its evil rule before itís too late in Magicville: Art of Magic.
Wizard Land  Wizard Land - Use your Match 3 skills to explore this exciting world and resurrect the inhabitants!
Anne  Anne's Dream World - Anne is a little girl full of fantasies and in Anne`s Dream World a gang of jellies are attacking the village.
Ocean Express  Ocean Express - Cruise the coast with colorful cargo onboard the Ocean Express!
7 Artifacts  7 Artifacts - Untangle the mystery of this code and claim generous gifts and boundless gratitude as your reward!
Jewel Match   Jewel Match - Match the dazzling jewels and use the magic hammer to break them out of their sturdy gold boxes! It's gem smashing fun with Jewel Match!
Green Valley  Green Valley - Roll up your sleeves in Green Valley - Fun on the Farm, and bring in the harvest in one of the most agricultural puzzle games of all time!
Virus 3  Virus 3 - Grow your virus to cover the whole playing field, but watch out how many moves it takes to do it.
Lost Fortunes  Lost Fortunes - Find out who you are, and how you ended up with a creepy fortune teller, in this Puzzle game! Discover your Lost Fortunes!
Fashion Cents  Fashion Cents - Mix and match hundreds of cute clothing items to create cool outfits in the original fashion puzzle game!
Ice Princess  Ice Princess - Free the colorful and cute Orbics from their underground prisons, and build them a brand spanking new settlement!
Mayawaka  Mayawaka - Save the worlds of the Mayawaka, one pyramid at a time!
Charm Tale 2  Charm Tale 2 - Join a young adventurer on a magical quest of puzzling fun that will lead her to the bottom of the deep sea in this enchanting sequel!
Eco Match  Eco Match - Solve environmental issues one colorful match at a time!
Fairy Nook  Fairy Nook - Navigate a fairy tale world and help find Mathin's friends. It's more than a twist on match-three games... it also provides a hop, skip and a jump!
Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso  Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso - His friends have been captured and Mr. Smoozles has been turned into a crazy, gun-toting cat by the Goragon's mind ray! Help Ed save them all!
Shape Shifter  Shape Shifter - Ladies & Gentlemen, Children of all ages! Step right up for a one-of-a-kind puzzler that will amaze your brain and astound your senses.
Empire Of The Gods  Empire Of The Gods - Become the mightiest Pharaoh by building flourishing cities and the largest monuments ever seen in Empire of the Gods!
Secrets Of The Seas  Secrets Of The Seas - Discover sunken shipwrecks and explore the mysteries of one of the world's greatest lost treasures with Secrets of the Seas!
Enchanted Gardens  Enchanted Gardens - Enchanted Gardens lets you build the gardens of your dreams without getting your hands dirty.
El Dorado Quest  El Dorado Quest - Become a real treasure hunter on an adventure through the tiles! Go step by step into an ancient civilization to find the lost city of El Dorado!
Flower Quest   Flower Quest - With Flower Quest, your love of puzzle games will bloom like never before!
Yosumin!  Yosumin! - Use your Match 3 skills and special treats from Goldmin to progress from level to level and bring the light back to the forest of the Yosumin!
World Mosaics  World Mosaics - Solve pictographic puzzles to unravel the mysteries of a society that disappeared over a thousand years ago in World Mosaics!
Granpas Candy Factory  Granpas Candy Factory - Help a recent college graduate, Cathy, save her Grandpa`s Candy Factory in this fun and exciting Match 3 game!
3 Tones  3 Tones - Enjoy a fun and clever Match 3 game with a musical twist! Take on a number of different musical mechanics intertwined into one exhilarating puzzle game experience!



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