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FACES  FACES - Realize your fill potential and save the world in this unique hidden object game.
The Forgotten City  The Forgotten City - Use your hidden object talents to escape the timeless trap in this fun casual adventure game.
The Seawise Chronicles  The Seawise Chronicles - Help the young Thomas explore the strange world of Harmonia and reveal a dark secret in the realm!
Jewelry Secret  Jewelry Secret - Explore several fantastic eras and find hidden objects to return back to present time in this exciting hidden object game.
Welcome To Hell Lock  Welcome To Hell Lock - Find the path and escape the hell in this scary hidden object game.
Tales Of Lagoona  Tales Of Lagoona - Enjoy travelling to the magical undersea world as you prevent the orphanage from being shut down.
Raven  Raven's Flight - Help Intrigue Inc track down a legendary secret agent that has gone rogue in this exciting hidden object game.
Nightmare Realm  Nightmare Realm - Travel to the mysterious nighmare realm and rescue Emily in this gorgeous hidden object adventure game.
The Crystal Skulls  The Crystal Skulls - The mysterious crystal skulls have gone missing for a long time and one professor is determined to find them all!
Golden Trails 2  Golden Trails 2 - Travel back to 18th century and uncover the truth to save your grandfather from death sentence.
Mystery Of Venice  Mystery Of Venice - Investigate the mysterious case and find the two missing women.
Gourmania 3  Gourmania 3 - Help Victoria and her estranged father to manage a chain of restaurants.
Secrets Of The Dark  Secrets Of The Dark - Save your friend from the hand of dark priest in this incredible hidden object game.
I Will Believe You  I Will Believe You - Find the props for the premiere in this original hidden object game.
Dracula Love Kills  Dracula Love Kills - Stop the queen of vampires before it's too late!
Dreamland  Dreamland - Explore an old themed park and defeat the evil dwarf!
The Sword And The Rose  The Sword And The Rose - Stop the curse of the evil witch and save your kingdom!
Tearstone  Tearstone - Solve puzzles and complete challenging quests to discover the truth in Tearstone!
Dream Inn  Dream Inn - Transform the old and dilapidated seaside resort into a stunning scenery.
Devil On The Mississippi  Devil On The Mississippi - Help the spirit of Mark Twain solve the age-old mystery of Shakespeare.
Fall Of Caesar  Fall Of Caesar - Experience the rise and downfall of Julius Caesar in this educational hidden object game.
Emma And The Inventor  Emma And The Inventor - Help Emma repair the mysterious machine and find her grandfather back.
Notre Dame Secrets Of Paris  Notre Dame Secrets Of Paris - Track down the priceless treasure and return it back to Notre Dame Cathedral.
Princess Isabella Return Of The Curse  Princess Isabella Return Of The Curse - Rescue the kingdom and save the child of Princess Isabella.
Alice  Alice's Adventures In Wonderland - Help Alice explore the Wonderland and return home safely.
Dark Dimensions  Dark Dimensions - Find the missing town consumed by dark fog and solve the mystery.
Alabama Smith In The Quest Of Fate  Alabama Smith In The Quest Of Fate - Join the Alabama quest to find the Crystal of Fortune before the shadowy nemesis does
Looking Glass Lane  Looking Glass Lane - Use your grandmother's mysterious mirror to do time travel and rescue people back in current time!
Snatch Busters 2  Snatch Busters 2 - Jack decided to put his career on hold and catch the snatch. Can you help him out?
Mystery Trackers Raincliff  Mystery Trackers Raincliff - Use your hidden object skill to solve puzzle and save the students today!
Betrayals Of Love  Betrayals Of Love - Investigate and solve the mysterious murder case before the murderer claims another victim!
Amanda Rose  Amanda Rose - Help Amanda Rose explore an abandoned mine and search for her missing father!



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