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Alt Shift

Alt Shift   Description : In Alt Shift, a shady professor has kidnapped the one you love and taken them to a secret undisclosed but fairly obvious location! Your only option is to break into his facility and work your way through its labyrinthine structure, beating the traps and tasks set to you, and literally flipping your world upside down to reach the previously unreachable. Only after confronting the kidnapper and rescuing your love will you truly ever be able to sleep easy!
Game genre :  Action / Arcade game
Requirement : Window all
Alt Shift game features
- Includes Over 80 Levels!
- Unlock Level Remakes From Shift 1 And Shift 2!
- 3 Different Types Of Mini-Games!
- Earn And Collect Achievement Medals!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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