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Inca Quest

Inca Quest   Description : Aim, launch, and match Incan color coins through temples of ancient secrets and untold treasure. The Professor's color-popping journey will take him through 10 temples of adventure, 80 confounding puzzles, and 8 floors of the Shaman's survival trial. Will you be the one to guide the Professor and his friends? Challenges of skill, strategy, and fun are waiting for you. Live the next generation of puzzle action in Inca Quest!
Game genre :  Arcade / Marble matching
Requirement : Window all
Inca Quest game features
- A Color-Popping Puzzle Journey!
- Explore 10 Temples Of Adventure!
- 12 Secret Power-Ups To Discover!
- Over 80 Confounding Puzzles
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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