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Joe's Garden

Joe Garden   Description : Our Old buddy Joe, is a miserable old man living in his small country house surrounded by some square-yards of wasteland. He had gained a disrespect among the neighbors due to his poverty and one day, while in the coffee-shop, the waiter, completely disregarded him, even though our Joe was ready to pay for his coffee with tips to the waiter. That incident affected Joe and crestfallen, he returns home. That night, he was sleepless in his bed but slowly entered his dreamworld . Now our Joe was in a whole new dream world, where his house was surrounded by numerous plants with beautiful flowers everywhere. He felt the sweet breeze and the smell from the flowers. Suddenly he woke up from the dream to realize that it was not true but the dream gave him the faith to resurrect his own career in a new floral business. With that faith and blessings, he started a whole new life. He conceived many ideas to improve the surrounding wasteland and started to create a beautiful garden and a simple Floristry to sell the products of his plants. You have to help him in collecting the flowers, leaves falling from the plant and you will earn more & more money stage by stage to get super-rich.
Game genre :  Time management / Arcade game
Requirement : Window all
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