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Sky Kingdoms

Sky Kingdoms   Description : Destroy colored spheres and upgrade bonus items to new levels of destructive power as you explore a breathtaking fantasy world. You'll face unique bonus rounds, including one that will challenge you to eliminate marbles using combo matches. Are you ready to soar to greater heights of casual gaming thrills? Strategy and action come together like never before in Sky Kingdom, an explosively fun match-three marble-popper!
Fun PC Game's Sky Kingdoms Review : Beside the popular Zuma and Luxor series, Sky Kingdoms is one of the few challenging marble popper gems that i truly enjoy playing. The game features stunning graphics, explosive particle effect and amazing sound effects. What set this game apart from other similar titles is that you get to upgrade different powerups with the money you earn after you complete each level. With this feature you can plan and strategize what powerups give you the most advantage in certain setup and upgrade it accordingly. In addition to the usual objective of preventing the marbles from reaching the end, there are also the "snake" and "chain reaction" level which offer a different kind of gameplay and different objectives to complete. The only drawback i can think of is that if you have a PC with low spec, the game may lag and even crash during your gaming session. All in all, If you are fan of marble popper games, Sky kingdoms is a must play.

A variety of great power-up upgrades you can purchase after winning each level. Be sure to check the description before you upgrade. Sky Kingdom Powerups
Game genre :  Marble popping/ Arcade game
Requirement : Window all
Sky Kingdoms game features
- Upgrade Your Power Ups!
- 90 Levels Of Explosive Fun!
- 12 Desktop Wallpapers!
- Strategy And Action Elements Combined In A Fantasy World!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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