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Snowy Fish Frenzy

Snowy Fish Frenzy   Description : The cats in Snowy: Fish Frenzy have a single chance to march onscreen and walk away with their prize: one of the juicy fish Snowy has saved for dinner! Your job is to guide a slap-happy hand across the screen and give the felonious felines a quick smack between their ears. Doing so causes them to drop their booty and sends them flying off-screen, never to return! As Fish Frenzy progresses, more and more cats appear at once, causing the game to ramp up to a madcap point-and-slap affair. Thankfully, several outrageous powerups are available to help. Just hit a tree and knock one out its leaves! You might get the Air Pump, which allows you inflate cats and send them drifting away like balloons. Do we need to tell you the animation is awesome? Since this is a Snowy the Bear game, you know what to expect! And the sound is just as good. So download Fish Frenzy today and help our lovable bear protect his stockpile of yummy fish!
Game genre :  Time management / Arcade game
Requirement : Window all
Snowy Fish Frenzy game features
- 80 fun filled levels.
- More than a dozen of powerups.
- Free technical support and updates
- Hours of fun.
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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