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Hidden Identity - Chicago Blackout

Hidden Identity Chicago Blackout   Description : You awake with amnesia in a Chicago hotel room and can't remember your own name. Who are you? And how did you get here? You'll need to keep your wits to solve this riveting hidden object game! Explore scenes from your past and find hundreds of cleverly hidden objects to piece together your lost identity. Find the clues quickly and earn special speed bonuses. Then uncover all the secret notes that you left behind and solve unique mini-games to jog your memory. Will you unravel the mystery and discover your true identity?
Game genre :  Seek and Hide / Hidden object game
Requirement : Window all
Hidden Identity - Chicago Blackout game features
- Explore 25 Beautiful City Scenes!
- Solve 5 Intriguing Mini-Games!
- Find 50 Hidden Secret Notes!
- Earn Speed Bonuses!
- Hours of Seek and Find Fun.
- Find Out If It Is A Hoax... Or For Real?
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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