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Legends of the Wild West: Golden Hill

Legends Of The Wild West   Description : Luka was a young, handsome Italian circus artist. A well-known knife thrower Natalie was a beautiful French girl, who also worked in the circus, caring for the horses used in the shows. They worked together for a few years, traveling around Europe with their circus shows. One day Luka left her, left the old Europe and went to America to fulfill his dream - to see the Wild West! After they separated, they both realized very quickly how much they loved each other. It was too late for Luka to return, but Natalie went to look for him a few months laterů. The American West in the late 1800s is always a good location for romantic, adventure action! There are countless successful western, romantic movies, books and games in the mass market, all based on the Wild West. Everybody knows westerns. So far in this space, in the hidden object genre, this hasn't been explored very much.
Game genre :  Seek and Hide / Hidden object game
Requirement : Window all
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