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Lost Realms : Legacy of The Sun Princess

Lost Realms : Legacy of The Sun Princes   Description : Alexia is woman in need of answers. Lately, Alexia has been experiencing many sleepless nights and disturbing dreams of ancient Incan times. Alexia and her friend Nicole decide to follow these dreams and go to Cusco, the very heart of the Incan empire situated in modern day Peru. When they arrive in Cusco, the dreams become visions, and Alexia learns she has been chosen for something very... special indeed. Help Alexia make sense of the mysteries swarming her subconscious and find the ancient Incan treasure hidden long ago. Devious puzzles await, but Alexia can not rest until she uncovers the truth Download Mac Version
Game genre :  Seek and hide / Hidden object game
Requirement : Window all
Lost Realms : Legacy of The Sun Princess game features
- Over 30 Exotic Locations!
- Fun And Exciting Puzzles!
- Over 17 Challenging Mini Games!
- Help Alexia Through A Quest Of Self Discovery!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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