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Murder She Wrote

Murder She Wrote   Description : When murder rears its ugly head in Cabot Cove, players join Jessica Fletcher and her insatiable curiosity to solve the mystery in this exciting Hidden Object game! Based on the beloved TV show, Murder, She Wrote will take you on a fun journey, through multiple cases. You will investigate murders that occur in the seemingly cozy coastal town in Maine. The police are always willing to arrest the most likely suspect but as fans of the show know best, the culprit is never who you think it is! Each of the 5 cases is filled with twists and turns that create a fun, engaging, and surprising gameplay experience. Solve perplexing puzzles and search for cleverly hidden items to catch the criminals!
Game genre :  Seek and Hide / Hidden object game
Requirement : Window all
Murder She Wrote game features
- Based on the hit TV show.
- Colorful graphics.
- Help Jessica crack the case!
- Hours Of Fun.
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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