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My Beautiful Vacation

My Beautiful Vacation   Description : In a cosmopolitan city, there was a well-to-do family with Mr. Robin and his wife Mrs. Eliza. Robin kept his teenage son Jack confined to the house, fearing that he might loose interest in studies, if left free. Jack's mind was inclined towards accomplishing amusing and adventurous activities and sports. Sharing a lighter moment with friends by playing and chatting with them was the favorite hobby of Jack. He was a charming teenager with extraordinary enthusiasm and courage, which drew the attention of people around towards him. Jacks favorite activities included riding motorcycles, high jumps, playing volleyball with friends in the beach, riding horse at faster speeds, scating etc. He also has tried his hands at car driving successfully. This cool person was longing for an opportunity to be go for short tours, to free himself from the clutches of the strict parents, especially father, which was a day dream for him since several years. Robert was much concerned about monitoring his sons academic performance and hence also played the role of a teacher many a time helping out his son in studies. Jack did not like this approach. Jack felt that his freedom was affected to a large extent and that he may never be able to live life according to his free will. One day he happens to see a fleet of trucks approaching the ground in the vicinity of his house intended for hosting grand functions. He learns from his friends, that the trucks were transporting the necessary materials for the carnival festival, slated to take place in a week. This brings smile in his dull face and he starts getting ready for the event. Download Mac Version
Game genre :  Seek and Hide / Hidden object game
Requirement : Window all
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