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The Dracula Files

The Dracula Files   Description : Michael and Quinn Harker grew up thinking Dracula was nothing more than a fairy tale. But now, after over 100 years, the undead count has risen from his grave as Vladimir Draco, thirsting for blood and revenge. Search for cursed artifacts and holy relics, facing werewolves, vampires, and dark spirits in a globe-spanning Gothic hidden object adventure. End Dracula's reign of terror once and for all! Includes a bonus full length comic book, The Complete Dracula!
Game genre :  Seek and Hide / Hidden object game
Requirement : Window all
The Dracula Files game features
- Search For The Keys To End Dracula's Reign!
- Fiendishly Clever Mini-Games And Puzzles!
- Drink In The Cinematic Storyline!
- Includes A Full Length Comic Book!
- Hours of Seek and Find Fun.
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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