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The Hidden Object Show 1 & 2

The Hidden Object Show : 1 & 2   Description : Enjoy both fun and exciting seasons of The Hidden Object Show for one low price! Become a contestant on a game show and try your hand at winning big! This fast-paced game allows you to earn countless virtual prizes and participate in addicting minigames! Experience the wackiness and humor of your charming host as he guides you through each riveting stage. Make it to the end of each intense season and win the grand prize!
Game genre :  Seek and find / Hidden object game
Requirement : Window all
The Hidden Object Show 1 & 2 game features
- 2 Hidden Object Games In 1!
- Addicting Mini-Games!
- Earn Countless Virtual Prizes!
- Come Along For A Hidden Object Ride!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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