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Darkstar one   Description : DarkStar One is an open-ended action/adventure title set in a huge universe populated by a variety of unique alien races. Players will take on the role of an intrepid young adventurer, Kayron Jarvis, as he explores space, upgrading and customizing his ship - the DarkStar One. The game's story, written by renowned German Fantasy and Science Fiction author Claudia Kern, will immerse players in a tale of action and intrigue as Kayron searches for answers surrounding the death of his father.
Game genre :  Core Action game
Requirement : Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Processor: AMD Athlon 2.2 GHz, DirectX 9.0c, 1 GB RAM, Free HD space: 7 GB, 256MB VRAM, DirectX-compliant Sound Card
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