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Vampire the masquerade bloodlines

Vampire the masquerade bloodlines   Description : You begin your journey this time in modern day Los Angeles as a newly embraced vampire. By creating you without the consent of your clan's Elders, your sire has violated one of vampire society's most hallowed laws. As punishment for the crime he has been put to death. Normally you would be expected to share the same fate but the newly installed Prince of Los Angeles thinks you might have some merit: you're a newly embraced vampire with no sire to guide you; you are unfamiliar with the world of vampires and their laws and customs. You would be useful and expendable pawn in his grand scheme.
Game genre :  Action game
Requirement : Windows 98/98SE/2000/XP/Vista, Processor: PIII 1.2 GHz, DirectX 9.0c, 384 MB RAM, Free HD space: 3.3 GB
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