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X3 reunion   Description : Factories are being built by NPCs, wars can affect the global economy, NPCs can trade freely and pirates will behave far more realistically. The economy of X3 - Reunion will be more complex than anything seen in the X-universe before! The Technology - Extensive development has gone into the X3 engine, making full use of DirectX 9 technology, to create dramatic visual effects and stunningly realistic starships. Coupled with the massively enhanced A.L. (Artificial Life) system, X3 - REUNION will present players with an ever changing, evolving universe; where a players actions really can shape the future of the universe. Newcomers will enjoy the additions to the already graphically impressive, almost living X3-Universe, while veterans can expect new construction options and an improved physics model. The Story - What happened so far - While the Argon fleet is stretched almost to breaking point by the continuing attacks from Khaak, a new enemy is stalking the X-universe. What links a mysterious ship with the power to disappear, the ruthless Yaki pirates and a machine left by an ancient species? Its time to strap yourself into your cockpit, warm up your laser cannon and get some answers.
Game genre :  Core Action game
Requirement : Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000/Me/XP/Vista, Processor: PIV 1.7 GHz, DirectX 9.0, 512 MB RAM, Free hard drive space: 3 GB, Direct 3D 64 MB DirectX 9.0c, DirectX-compliant Sound Card
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