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Cute Knight Kingdom

Cute Knight Kingdom   Description : Is destiny what you find, or what finds you? Travel the kingdom to meet new friends, find treasure, and encounter monsters! Choose your outfit, jobs, and classes to raise the skills that you need for success. You could become a hero, find true love, discover the truth of your origins... or embrace villainy as an evil warlord. Dozens of endings depend on your choices. It's all up to you!
Fun PC Game's Cute Knight Kingdom Review : While it's a bit rough around the edges, this is a great game that reminds me a bit of a simpler form of the Sims. If you enjoy role-playing gameplay along with lots of opportunity for character customization, then this is a game that will work for you. One thing that sets this game apart from similar ones in the same genre is that it has a complex skill system. While easy to learn, it's more fun than simpler games that do not give you the same options. The ending is based on the different choices you make in the game and will take three in-game years. This is not a game that you will beat overnight but rather one that you will need to spend time working on, which is a good thing for someone looking for a role playing game that is not so easily beatable.
Game genre :  Sim / Role playing game
Requirement : Windows all
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