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Dark Soul 2

Dark Souls 2   Description : Ever since we can remember the land is haunted by strange creatures, Anomalies, wild monsters that will attack and destroy everything in their way. It is believed that the anomalies are created by an element called Malice, such element is created by humans themselves, emotions like hatred, greed, ambition are responsible for the anomalies' births. In order to fight the anomalies, special individuals are selected to train and become a Swordmaster, he will have abilities capable of destroying the anomalies. Unfortunately, no matter how hard and bravely they fight the births seems to never cease...After 10 years away from home, Galahar comes back to his hometown, now along with his wife, Kara, a strong and determined woman, they leave on a journey that will change their lives forever. Galahar must become the new swordmaster, traveling all over the continent, Kara will use that opportunity to look for her daughter, she is willing to find her no matter what, nothing will stand on her way. Join Galahar and Kara in this emotional and intriguing journey, that will put them at their limits, while Galahar struggles to protect people as the swordmaster and find his daughter, Kara will support him with her strenght and faith even at the most difficult situations.
Game genre :  RPG / Role playing game
Requirement : Window all
Dark Soul 2 game features
- 20 Hours Of Compelling Role Playing Gameplay!
- 6 playable and compelling characters!
- Overwhelming storyline!
- Hidden Dungeons and Bosses!
- Original Grahpics!
- Animated Battle System!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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