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Deadly Sin

Deadly Sin   Description : Take on the role of Lorelai, a young woman of humble means who learns that her true identity is the heir to a powerful empire! Her quest will take her around the land of Dondoran. On her journey, Lorelai recruits the help of a dashing, cunning thief, a skilled and famous imperial army officer, and others, as she seeks to unlock the secrets of her exile, destroy the seven deadly sins, and fulfill her destiny as the true princess!

Lorelai Mettera : The lost princess orphaned at a very young age, her very existence creates the circumstances that will define the course of the world.
Glade Faraday : Reknowned gambler, thief, and womanizer, Glade is a master of espionage caught in the middle of an epic conflict.
Dori Highland : A famous, high-ranking military officer forced to choose between her sworn loyalties, and supporting the rising tide of rebellion.
Belinda Highland : ledgeling Conclave priestess, known for her fiery temperment and ravenous appetite, Belinda\,s restorative magic proves vital to the campaign.
Winchester : Powerful ex-court wizard cursed forever into a feline form. He is Lorelai,s adopted guardian. Winchester offers deadly magic and endless wisdom and experience.
Duros : The last living dragon, King Duros\,s destiny is inexorably tied to Lorelai, and their relationship is the lynchpin of the adventure of Deadly Sin
Game genre :  RPG / Role playing game
Requirement : Window all
Deadly Sin game features
- 30 Hours Of Compelling Role Playing Gameplay!
- Threat System Allowing Characters To Draw Or Avoid Attacks.
- Rich, Memorable, Professional Quality Original Soundtrack.
- Beautiful, Colorful World, Enemy battlers & Menus
- Symphonic Orchestra and Ministry Of Rock VSTs
- Engaging Story!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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