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Fatal Heart

Fatal Hearts   Description : Wolves howl in the night, and vampires lurk in the shadows. Are the dreams that Christina is having really nightmares or visions of the future? Is she surrounded by trusted friends or dangerous enemies? Your choices will change the path of the story and Christina's destiny. Make decisions, solve puzzles, and play minigames to reach one of fourteen unique endings in the replayable adventure game of Fatal Hearts!
Fun PC Game's Fatal Hearts Review : I found Fatal Hearts to be a fun game that played out more like a novel with fourteen different endings, which I thought was rather cool. This along with the variety of puzzles, which are cleverly introduced into the game, makes it very replayable. One thing I really liked about the game was that it has an automatic save that saves your progress as you go so, I didn't have to worry about it. The backgrounds are delightful and the dialogue and narrative texts are very informative. The Japanese anime style characters are nicely done but it does contain some graphic images. Therefore, this is not a game for young children.
Game genre :  Casual adventure / RPG game
Requirement : Windows all
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