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Rainblood Town Of Death

Rainblood Town Of Death   Description : Pang Town, a small but once popular town in the border of Central Land, was now blighted for a sudden and strange plague. Most of the people fled, while someone unexpected came. A black dressed man entered the town with fatigue and sadness, but at once he felt the never stopping steps of chasers sent by who he was eager to see while dared not. Then the town came killers wanted to kill him, came his old friends who had to kill him and came the little girl who died in front of him but now laughed at him, who also wanted to kill him. He had no choice but fought back the ones aiming at him; however it seemed another clue underneath all these strange events, which leads to a complex plot, a plot within a plot. So what else would happen in this small, dark, and deserted town?
Game genre :  RPG / Role playing game
Requirement : Window all
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