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Tabloid Tycoon

Tabloid Tycoon   Description : There's no scandal you can't handle. Get the real dirt or just get filthy rich! Dark secrets revealed or just made up stories? It's up to you. Build your tabliod into the most 'respected' paper in this outrageous industry. From hilarious headlines to the most bizarre situations, you're in charge of it all. It's the whole truth and nuthin' but the truth! Sort of.. Use your business acumen to weigh big risk for big growth: risk questionable stories, use blackmail, and even sabotage to build sales.
Game genre :  Tabloid / Simulation game
Requirement : Window ALL
Tabloid Tycoon game features
- Learn To Manage Your Staffs & Control Your Budget.
- Make Your Family And Friends Either Stars Or Laughing Stocks
- Build Your Tabliod Into The Most 'Revered' Newspaper.
- Hours of Simulation Fun!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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