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Ankh : Reverse the Curse

Ankh : Reverse The Curse   Description : Sneak into the pharaoh's pyramid and meet up with Assil and his crew of crazy friends. Just as the party starts to get hot, a silly accident turns life upside down! Unleashing a deadly curse and discovering a precious amulet as Assil, you will be immersed in Ank's amazing ancient world. From the narrow streets of Cairo's bazaar to the banks of the Nile, this comic adventure will have you running from a mad Osiris on your mission to meet the Pharaoh.
Game genre :  Adventure game
Requirement : Window all
Ankh : Reverse the Curse game features
- A unique 3D point and click comic adventure.
- Dozens of lovingly crafted locations.
- Cinematic cut-scenes with thrilling dynamic cameras.
- Hours of Fun.
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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