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Creatures The Albian Years

Creatures The Albian Years   Description : Creatures: The Albian Years is a recompilation of the original Creatures and Creatures 2, the World's most advanced artificial life games! The user is presented with a large, living landscape - the surface of another world (called Albia). He exists in this world only as a virtual presence, a sort of remote-control existence, which the computer portrays as a hand-shaped mouse cursor. In this world are a range of locations and strange creatures, related loosely (and with considerable poetic license) to Northern myth. The user begins near to the long-abandoned home of a family of Norns (Small Furry Creatures), where a few eggs, languishing in a broken-down incubator, are almost all that remains of the Nornir race. By restoring power to the incubator, the user can hatch these eggs and interact with the newborn Norns. The home burrow contains a few other rooms, including a schoolroom, where the user can attempt to teach the Norns a language and other basic ideas. Other evidence round about will help the user to learn something of the ancient Nornir culture.
Game genre :  Action / Adventure game
Requirement : Window all
Creatures The Albian Years game features
- Play in a new world that's doubled in size. Volcanoes, seasons, and weather systems.
- Teach your creatures - their improved brain function allows them to learn faster.
- Breed your favorites and pass on their genes.
- Hours of Fun.
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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