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Nancy Drew: Treasure in a Royal Tower

Nancy Drew Royal Tower   Description : Join legendary detective, Nancy Drew, as she follows ancient clues to find the mysterious Wickford Castle`s legendary secret in this Large File Adventure game! The castle is a riddle, full of dead-ends and detours that hint at a legend left behind by Marie Antoinette! Solve baffling puzzles, search concealed rooms, interview evasive suspects, and sidestep danger on the hunt for a secret that the doomed Queen was desperate to hide, in Nancy Drew: Treasure in a Royal Tower!
Game genre :  Adventure / Puzzle game
Requirement : Window all
Nancy Drew: Treasure in a Royal Tower game features
- Explore the depths of a castle.
- Solve a historical mystery.
- Find the treasure!
- Hours of Fun.
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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