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Syberia 2

Siberia 2   Description : Kate Walker has left behind her life as a high-stakes lawyer in New York City. She travels now across Europe on a train built by Hans Voralberg, the brilliant and aging genius responsible for the automatons. Hans is obsessed with finding a mysterious island known as Syberia, where he claims the last mammoths still roam. But the journey is once again fraught with hidden perils and wondrous mechanical puzzles that tantalize the imagination. Complete the adventure into the mythical land of Syberia.
Game genre :  3D Adventure game
Requirement : Window all
Syberia 2 game features
- Kate`s Adventure Continues.
- More Wondrous Puzzles Await.
- Finish The Journey to Syberia
- Detailed Environments!
- Hours of Fun.
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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