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The Tales of Bingwood: To Save a Princess

The Tales of Bingwood   Description : Travel the world as Emily King, a young adventurer with a yearning for excitement and a craving for knowledge. Help her reclaim her family legacy in an electrifying race around the globe! This adventure challenges your Match 3 abilities and World Fact knowledge with exciting clues and stunning imagery! So climb aboard our airships for clever mini-game action and the race of a lifetime that will push your skills to the limits!
Game genre :  Retro Adventure game
Requirement : Window all
The Tales of Bingwood: To Save a Princess game features
- Classic, Retro-Style Adventure!
- 25 Fully-Voiced Characters!
- Clever Puzzles And A Sidesplitting Story!
- Embark On An Epic Quest!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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