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Sven and the fabulous lovebirds

Sven and the fabulous lovebirds   Description : Sven is back... ...in his new Jump & Run Sven - and the Fabulous Lovebirds he continues his journey around the globe. His mission is the same as always: to bring joy to all the sheep. But since he is such a kind-hearted fellow, he also frees cute little birds from their cages. And they are sure to show their gratitude… Sven pursues his never-ending mission in 30 levels in the full version. And as always there are so many ladies, and so little time ... So he must practise Zen at a record rate with the Asian geishas, flirt with the famous beauties of the Caribbean islands and breathlessly battle his way through woolly jungles. The local custodians of morale are hard on his hooves, but Sven knows how to deal with them - and sometimes even convert them! What seemed 'unshaggable' before can now be transported to the seventh heaven with an arsenal of new special weapons ... Heaps of new features have been added to the successful prequel 'Sven Up and Down and provide a new level of gaming depth in Sven - and the Fabulous Lovebirds. Sven makes love, not war - and he's an expert! 17(!) new shagging animations have been added to the already impressive kamasutra of sheep love!
Game genre :  Adventure / Platform game
Requirement : Windows All
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