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Caelum   Description : Caelum is a physics based arcade game that mixes pachinko and breakout. Shoot and destroy all the red orbs to clear the stage. With 50 unique levels you won't be able to stop playing. Humanity has used up all of the world's energy and is in grave trouble. Luckily for them space is filled with energy orbs ready to be harnessed. They send out ROB - a Robotic Orb Blaster - to start blasting the orbs. His journey is a blast, full of exciting adventures, new friends and endless space! To aid ROB his ship has been equipped with three different power-ups. Wisely choose which one to use, depending on what kind of trouble ROB is facing at the moment. Now get out there and BLAST THEM ORBS!
Game genre :  Pachinko / Breakout game
Requirement : Window all
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