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Lost Fortunes

Lost fortunes   Description : You wake up in a mysterious circus, with no recollection of who you are or how you arrived here. Upon exploring the frightening circus, you stumble upon an old fortune teller with a mysterious set of Tarot Cards, who intends to trap your soul in her crystal ball. Only through completing her many and varied challenges will you gain your freedom and help the poor souls already enslaved. Find out who you are, and discover your Lost Fortunes in this addicting Puzzle game!
Game genre :  Puzzle game
Requirement : Window all
Lost Fortunes game features
- Interesting Riddles.
- Engaging Brain Benders and Trivia Challenges.
- Excellent Visual Effect.
- Earn Gold Coins to Play Fun Mini Games.
- Find your Lost Fortunes!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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