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Aquapolis   Description : Become an underwater real-estate developer contracted to build and improve underwater developments for some thriving oceanic communities! Create your own Aquapolis in this fun and exciting casual simulation game. keeping your eye on the communities' level of cleanliness and ensuring that the inhabitants have clean water to breath by balancing industrial developments with beautiful gardens that filter dirty water. Earn the keys to the different communities, and explore more neighborhoods to expand upon. Unlock unique new buildings and rake in some serious clams. Explore the ocean as never before!
Game genre :  Time Management / Simulation game
Requirement : Window all
Aquapolis game features
- Become a Successful Underwater Real-Estate Developer!
- Unlockable Fun Levels and Gorgeous New Building.
- Balance Industrial Might With Beautiful Gardens!
- Unique and Addicting Gameplay.
- Explore The Ocean Like Never Before.
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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