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Virtual City

Virtual City   Description : This is your chance to build your dream city and try your hand at creating the perfect dwelling for the citizens of your city. In, TheVirtual City, it will be your job to construct homes and factories for your people to have a place to live and work. You'll launch public events and be responsible for everything from recycling the garbage to manufacturing and delivering goods to the shopping malls. Learn how to deal with natural disasters, economic situations and population crises while learning how to foster trade with neighboring cities so you can build landmark buildings like Marinas, Spaceship Launch Pads and a Train Depot. Implement ways to avert serious consequences when natural disasters strike while achieving balance between all the main parameters that determine success such as, Population, Income, Happiness, Time, and Environment. There are over 50 levels of play in Free Play mode and 5 large sand box maps to experiment with while building your dream city in this exciting game.
Fun PC Game's Virtual City Review : In Virtual City, you make the rules but if you don't make the right ones, your city will fall. The great thing about this game is that it focuses on both residents and resources so you get the best of both worlds in one fun game. The isometric 2-D perspective visuals work great allowing the details to shine and the animation is nice. Perhaps the greatest aspect of the game is that it explains what you must do to progress through the levels in a clear manner and the goals you must accomplish are varied so it never gets boring. You must work to accomplish your goals but at the same time, they're doable so the game has good balance. The interface makes it easy to manage your city and everything is customizable. With 50 levels of Free Play mode and 5 sand box maps, I thoroughly enjoyed Virtual City!
Game genre :  Strategy / Simulation game
Requirement : Window all
Virtual City game features
- 50 Mind-Bending Levels In 5 Different Settings!
- More Than 50 Types Of Buildings!
- Earn 16 Special Achievements!
- Construct A Virtual City of Your Dream!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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