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Arsenal Or Democracy

Arsenal Or Democracy   Description : Taking place from 1936-64, Arsenal of Democracy lets you play as any nation during the era of WW2, complete with detailed models for economics, diplomacy, research, and intelligence. Warfare is also fully represented with all three branches of operations: land, sea, and air. The game builds on the experience and community input of the successful Hearts of Iron titles. Developed by BL-Logic, a development studio made up of fans of the series and active members of the modding community, Arsenal of Democracy is the ultimate World War II simulation. It is described by Project Leader Lennart Berg as Hearts of Iron II on steroids!
Game genre :  Strategy Game
Requirement : Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Processor: Pentium 3 1.1 GHz, DirectX 9.0, 256 MB RAM, Free hard drive space: 540 MB, Video Card: Fully DX9-compliant graphics card, 16-bits Sound Card, Multi-Player
Arsenal Or Democracy game features
- New plan ahead system - plan your land and air offensives months in advance.
- All missions are selectable for Province/Area/Region.
- Added 4 new Battle scenarios.
- Hours Of Fun.
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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