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Wicked Defense 2

Wicked Defense 2   Description : is a sequel to the popular Wicked Defense game published earlier. It continues the saga of a real-time strategy game in 3D where you are to construct towers on the battlefield and cast instant magic spells to prevent the large hordes of incoming monsters spawning at some fixed location on the map from reaching their one or several destinations. In the game each tower you can build has its own special characteristics such as type of the weapon, effective range and the overall functionality among others. Many tower characteristics can be upgraded by using three unique paths, making each tower completely customizable. The spells can be cast on a specific map square and include massive destruction spells like fire, lightning and meteor storms in addition to special spells that slow down monsters, speed up other towers and even spawn independent friendly units on the map. The correct placement of the towers, their upgrades and careful usage of magic spells makes the difference between winning and losing the game.
Game genre :  3D tower defense game
Requirement : Windows all
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