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Spellagories   Description : Test your word game mastery as you wield the power of words to save the kingdom! Evil mages have transformed the citizens of this medieval fantasy world into monsters. Only by entering the magic word into your cauldron can you lift the curse. The faster you discover the magic words, the quicker you will lift the curse and restore the villagers. If you're a word-game aficionado, a puzzle fan, or if you just want a brief escape to another world, you'll be spellbound by the magical words and worlds you'll find in Spellagories.
Game genre :  Crossword / Word game
Requirement : Window all
Spellagories game features
- Wield The Power Of Words!
- Engaging, Mystical Story.
- 3 Unique Game Modes.
- Accept The Spelling Challenge!
- Risk Free Download, Secure Online Purchase!

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